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MTGTM: Interview With Jacob Walsh

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Name: Jacob Walsh
Location: Valdosta, Ga
Role: Jake

Sperling: You’re playing a character with the same name as you, has that ever happened to you before?
Walsh: I actually haven’t played many roles so no.

S: How will you tap into the character of Jake?
W: By staying up all hours of the night and obsessing over Magic the Gathering. Not a big change from what I already do.

S: Have you ever loaned your voice to a puppet before?
W: No I haven’t but I’ve always thought it would be lots of fun.

S: Do you have a favorite Muppet?
W: Gonzo. Hands down. He’s the weirdest and funniest.

S: How did you get into acting?
W: I havent done much acting. The small amount that I have done has been with Zombie Cat Productions. Im usually a behind the scenes guy but I love puppets and singing so as soon as we started talking about MTGTM I knew I had to do a voice for it.

S: What do you enjoy most about performing?
W: Its just fun to mess around and be a little silly sometimes.

S: If you could pick any role you’ve ever played for your highlight reel, what would it be?
W: Oh man, it would have to be when I played John Wilkes Booth the Werewolf hunter in “The Story that Changed History.”

S: What are some of the projects you’ve been involved in recently?
W: Well this is the first thing I’ve done in a while. Im a tattoo artist and just opened a new shop so I’ve been really busy with that.

S: What’s your next move?
W: I stay pretty busy tattooing so ill be back to that. As of now there are no other film projects lined up for me.

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