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Interview: Jake The Puppet

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I took a few moments to chat with Jake who is the star of Zombie Cat’s upcoming Magic The Gathering The Musical

Name: Jacob Walshian the Third Esquire Junior

Origin: Valdosta, Georgia

How did you get involved in the puppet musical? I love theater. I love singing. I love playing cards. I was all over and on top of this like a horny teenager on prom night. I could literally feel the words being typed out when the script was written.

Any fun stories from your audition?
I was singing the opening bit to “It’s a Magic F…” Wait, can I say that here? I can? Ok, I was singing the opening to “It’s a Magic Fucking Day” with some other people auditioning. This one girl hit a note so high it twirled the casting director’s moustache!

Do you have any hobbies? I love theater. I love singing. I…already said all this. Aside from all that, I’m really into studying pareidolia. Did I say card playing yet? I really like that. I also really like movies about card playing. I like movies in general, actually, especially ones with singing.

Who is your favorite Muppet?
All of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, especially Sgt. Floyd Pepper with his sweet ass moustache.

Has the Academy Award winning song ‘Muppet or Man?’ made it onto your playlist? Sure! Do you know I saw that movie four times in the theater? That was a long day, I’ll tell you that. But my favorite Muppet movies are still the old ones.

How would you rate your skill level when it comes to the card game Magic The Gathering? Expert. Like, mega-expert. My life has been so enriched by this game that sometimes I don’t know how I lived…’scuse me for a second. Sorry, don’t mean to get so emotional. Let’s just move on.

What are your acting goals? I’m just along for the ride, man. I want to make music, have fun, and find out why people think things look like other things when they clearly don’t. Pareidolia, man, it’s so weird!

How will this role help you in your career? Man, who knows? I’m just taking things one step at a time, go with the flow and all that. I will say this will let so many people out there know how fun card playing is. It’s not that nerdy, guys! Wait, I dropped my protractor.

Thoughts on filming in Atlanta in July/August? I’m pumped. I don’t understand why we’re not filming now. Are we filming now? No? Ah well. Anyway, I’m pumped.

What are you plans for after filming wraps? More card playing, then I hear there’s a new edition of Battle Royale out so I’ll probably buy that. Hunger Games my ass.

Please support our Kickstarter and look forward to Magic The Gathering The Musical coming soon.

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