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Wednesday Comics Box: Slasher 101

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Slashers 101 is for horror movie buffs and comic lovers alike. Even if you only consider yourself one of the two, this 24-page graphic novel will most likely appeal to your sensibilities. Stacie Ponder, a filmmaker, is the writer and illustrator of Slashers 101. Yes, a lady is the comic writer AND the artist. But this comic is not your typical superhero-saves-something comic. It’s actually informative, like a text book with pictures of cute little murderers and diagrams of strangely humorous death scenes.

“Final Girl” takes you through the Slasher film genre step by step in this book from the type of hair usually seen on the killers to breaking down stock characters. She mentions all the popular horror films but also discusses in detail scenes from ones you may have never heard of. You know how people can geek out about certain topics and your eyes glaze over because they know more than any human should about that topic? Well, Stacie discovered that if you take that geek glaze and throw it into a comic it becomes really interesting. She’s also funny.

Artistically, the style is simple. It’s what I would call a stick figure comic. It’s black and white with the main character being a female. She is simply drawn but has about a hundred different expressions throughout. Even though I use the word “simple,” Stacie manages to put in enough detail so that each killer is easily recognizable–whether it’s Jason’s hockey mask or Freddy’s glove. The words and the pictures work together very well.

Normally in a review I’d try to discuss something that I didn’t like just to be objective. But, the thing about this comic is that it’s just really good. That might not mean much coming from me, because you don’t know me. But if you enjoy comics, scary movies, documentaries, and general unusual geekieness, like me, then this really might appeal to you. Ponder’s done her homework, knows her stuff, and, on top of it all, she’s got a good sense of humor.

This comic had me giggling in places. I was thoroughly entertained, and I actually came away having learned a thing or two. You can find Stacie on Twitter at @finalgrrl, so go follow her there. Then check out her site here, to read more about Final Girl and purchase a copy for $5. She will also do a personalized sketch edition for $10 that includes a picture of your choosing at the back of the comic.

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