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Dragoncon 2011: I Just Want to (Dance)

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Finally, someone made ninjas cool and Danny Sexbang is the one who did so.

“I Just Want to (Dance)” video is a Quentin Tarantino meets Tenacious D combination that works perfectly together. This music video is the second episode (and one of their best) of the continuing harmonious adventures of the New York based comedy group Ninja Sex Party. The popular youtube celebrity duo features Lead singer Danny Sexbang and keyboardist Ninja Brian and directed by Jim Turner. The song “I Just Want to (Dance)” is a melodic ballad similar to the sounds from the ‘80’s but not taken as seriously as the hair bands of yester year. The hilarious telling of the story how Sexbang’s list of many kills and abilities as a skilled ninja and lover is given all up to fulfill his fervor for dance would make mostly anyone laugh. Even those who may not particularly like the revamp of the ninja made in these past recent years still could get a kick out of it.

After rhyming his proficient hit list Sexbang shows off his sixteen original dance moves. The most popular of moves judging by comments posted on youtube seems to be “Savage Badger”. I favor the “Feed the Chicken” dance. The blend of clumsy hand and feet semi rhythmic movement that somehow still works is something I can relate to my own attempts out on the dance floor. The over the top blood spills and comedic goofiness tie in well for high end quality looking short film for a low budget production. Ninja Sex Party uses all they can at their disposal to make a great video with very little and use it well.

At parts I was confused by who the song is targeted to lyrically. When Danny Sexbang brags on about sleeping with girls hotter than I have ever seen but then threatening to ninja-thrust you into orgasmic places never had been all in one breath it can leave perplexity and awkwardness. But that could be part of all the fun.

I watched “I Just Want to (Dance)” at least a dozen times and I honestly cannot find much that I did not like. I am definitely a fan of Ninja Sex Party.

This video plays Saturday at 5:30PM as a part of the “Geekgasm! — Films That Fly Their Geek Flag High” film block.

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