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Dragoncon 2011: The Ninjews

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WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS!

The Ninjews; ‘Goy-L’ Trouble was written and directed by Josh Bass. Ninjews is an animated comedy short featuring the characters Yoav and Fyvush Goldsteinfeldbergowitzblumbaum. The Goldsteinfeldbergowitzblumbaum brothers are two mild mannered mohels by day and Jewish ninja superheroes with mystical powers whenever necessary. The origin of their alter egos comes from a mishap of circumcising a Japanese baby using the family’s ancestor’s Katana. When Fyvush starts seeing an Irish Catholic woman, Mary McO’Flannerymalley, Yoav does his best to keep his doubts to himself and show compassion for Fyvush’s desire to date someone outside the Jewish faith. Every time Fyvush returns from an outing with his new “Goy-L” friend he becomes more Christian and less Jewish. Finally Yoav has enough and confronts both his brother and Mary. However, Mary reveals herself to be the evil Catholica an extremist nun with powers as well. The Ninjews spring into action fighting persecution and a screaming-Jesus-head-flame-ball.

I caught myself laughing at a few well timed jokes but they were too few and far between. Most of the attempts at humor felt like all too familiar cliché and over done jokes about Jewish people. I do not know Josh Bass’ background but either he does not know much about his own religion to make a good joke or he is using Jewish characters to get away with telling bad jokes about a particular group of people. Then again that may be my gentile guilt influencing me. The cracks about other races and religions seem feeble compared to the countless one-liners when placing the words Jew or Heb in front of another word. All together the cast and crew are unseasoned but this is just a test run for moving on to bigger and better projects.

Let us remember that not everyone liked Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Spirit of Christmas and now how far they have come from that. Josh Bass’ comedic writing is lying dormant waiting to be released and I believe that in time his own voice will become known to him and to more audiences in the future.


Joey Milillo – Fyvush Goldsteinfeldbergowitzblumbaum
Julie P. Oliver-Touchstone – Mary McO’Flannerymalley
Albert J. Vara – Yoav Goldsteinfeldbergowitzblumbaum

The Ninjews video “Goy-L Trouble” is playing Saturday at 11:30AM as a part of the Animation Block 2 – Magic, Mayhem and Claymation Blood along with our film “Frowning.”

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Julie Oliver says:

    Josh is Jewish and his listed production name is Non-Practicing Productions. I must say I disagree about the unseasoned cast. I thought Julie Oliver-Touchstone was amazing. Better than Meryl Streep.
    Sincerely, Julie Oliver-Touchstone.

  2. hector says:

    I saw this. It was funny. Bad call on the unseason actores. They all had pretty good voices. I doubt that’s how any of them really talk. The blonde guy (Fivush?)particularly had a great cartoon voice. The other guy sounded like Clint Eastwood choking on a sandwich, but it worked. The girl was also good (lol Julie Oliver Touchstone).

    I would like to see what else Mr. Bass has.

    P.S. a good movie reviewer does not summarize, I mean recite, the whole story in his review.


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