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Advance Review: Five Senses

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Viper Comics is an interesting comic book publishing company. They have found a way to champion the independent creator and continue to put out quality reads without taking themselves too seriously. I am a big fan of them and the work that they are doing. The most recent release is interesting.

If you visit the promotional website for upcoming release Five Senses, all that they have is a live action trailer starring Hangover star Bradley Cooper with the tag “Coming Soon”. The kinetic 2 minute and 17 second trailer is actually a menagerie of scenes from other movies and television that this fan Jaron Pitts edited together and it follows the first issue of the comic perfectly. It is actually quite impressive.

Five Senses (synopsis): Chad Bowman was on the verge of having it all. But when he fails to come forward as a witness to a brutal murder, his life changes overnight. Soon, Chad discovers someone or something is after him. Now, Chad must stay alive long enough to prove he isn’t the real killer and stop the mysterious entity from stripping him of his FIVE SENSES.

The comic itself premiered this past week at San Diego Comic Con. 100 copies of “Issue 0″ were printed and distributed. This was actually the only way to get physical copies of the comic. The intention is to release the comic digitally soon.

Written by Jake Black with art by Justin Wayne, this comic has some truly great moments, but also plays a little green around the edges. The read is enjoyable and fits quite a bit into this one issue, but that might be it’s downfall. The pacing seems on fast-forward right from the beginning. Not to mention with a cardboard cut-out character that later has to prove himself and we need to care about, the dialogue needs to be a bit more on base and not quite as predictable. That being said, when the issue has it’s golden moments, they are fantastically on. I think that is thanks in part to Wayne’s impressive artwork. When we have our big moment where the “hero” witnesses the crime, there is such a subtle shift towards darkness in the entire feel of the comic. And Wayne’s Kirby-style panel setups are so very pleasing to the eye.

About halfway thru the comic, the “hero” starts having a shift towards being a real character. Things are moving in the world around him that he doesn’t know and he also seems to have a slight unraveling around the edges that makes me like him in that same way that I love Patrick Bateman. And oh, the cliffhangers! I am definitely in for the next one. And the idea has been put in my head about a film so I would love to see that get made. I do think you should check the comic out when it is released. There is great potential here and I have to know what is going to happen next.

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