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I Make Art In Atlanta: Evereman

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Evereman is a real live superhero. If you live in Atlanta, you have seen his distinctive mark left places kind of like a bat signal. If you are lucky enough to find one, you are even allowed to take them home. I have one sitting on my doorstep before you walk in that was left outside my work. And as Everemen keeps on giving without asking for anything in return, it is a beautiful part of our city that should not be taken for granted. The ultimate street art giver loves Atlanta. And he was honored to talk about why he wont be leaving it any time soon for “greener pastures“.

Coffee: Why did you originally decide to move to Atlanta from North Carolina?
Evereman: I wanted to live in the big city and I had a place to stay here while I found a job etc. Atlanta has been wonderful to me.

C: What is your inspiration for giving to the community without asking for anything in return?
E: Well, as an artist, I want to connect with other people. I want to know that I am not alone and I want others to know that they are not alone in our society. Seeing an Evereman is like seeing a friend, it warms yer innards. Evereman is about giving and sharing. Evereman is about co-operating with one another. We could use a whole lot more of this sentiment in our society these days. I believe that art enriches our lives and that it is healthy to live with art. I want everybody to have original art work  by local artists in their homes. If I have to give my art away toward that goal, so be it. It gives me something positive to do with myself and I have met some really great people through the Evereman project. I think I’ll keep doing it.

C: As a fan of local work, do you find that other Atlanta artists, whether in music or art or film inspire you?
E: I am totally inspired by the art being produced by Atlantans and by the venues we artists have in Atlanta. There is a real spirit of community in the Atlanta art scene these days.  I think we all want the best for each other and understand that by working together, good things can happen.

C: Do you think that the choice to live here in Atlanta has affected the artist that you have turned out to be?
E: Yes, of course. I think that wherever you live, you will be influenced by your environment.

C: In what ways do you think that Atlanta’s art scene is different from other cities?
E: I believe we have a real opportunity to do exciting things in the arts in Atlanta these days. We are wide open for new experiences. Sure, we have our art institutions here, but we also have a spirit of making things happen on our own. Look at all the co-ops springing up and the personally funded gallery spaces here in Atlanta. Atlanta artists aren’t waiting around for an invitation to the party, we are creating our own parties wherever, whenever, however we can. The energy is phenomenal now.

C: Do you have any advice for artists in working outside of the gallery system?
E: Do your thing, get it out in front of people as much as possible. Seek out like minded folks, work together, put on shows and remember, The streets are everebodies gallery. You can always show your work in the streets.

C: How did you get involved with the Atlanta Creatives Project and how are they helping our local art community thrive?
E: Well, I contacted Neda and said “I am an Atlanta Creative” and she wrote back and said “Indeed you are, can I come take your photo?” Atlanta Creatives is a prime example of the energy that is alive and well in Atlanta today. As I understand it, they intend to house artists in exchange for the artists creating community art workshops. I don’t see a down side there at all. It seems like a positive all around to me. That’s what  Atlanta Art is about now.

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  1. greencracker says:

    I found an Evereman wood tile magnet today. It does make me feel extra super special. Next time I see the Evereman on the street, he will be my friend. I will introduce my other friends. Thank you!

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