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Molly Helps Spread The Word About “Cryptophobia”

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Cryptophobia is a digitally published comic book that will be coming soon from Viper Comics. This approach that they are taking requires little risk to Viper and has the possibility of being a breakout opportunity for new artists.

Because anyone can submit a short comic to the project, it is pretty exciting. The plan at this point is that the comic book appear as an anthology for IPhone, IPad, and other digital formats with the possibility of it going to print.

The comic itself will be an graphic novel of Cryptozoological tales. Anything about mythical creatures, ghosts, demons etc. I personally loved the Sasquatch anthology that Viper printed and can’t wait to see what this project comes out with. The submission guidelines are printed over on their website if you want to try your hand at creating and possibly being published. And even if you can’t draw and are just a writer, they are approving the stories and art separately and putting people together if that is needed.

Wolf: I feel like other anthology projects would benefit from our example… no story is turned down because of artwork… and no artwork is turned down because of story. Everyone is approved on their own merit.

And don’t forget to like the project over on Facebook for an opportunity to see previews of what we get to look forward to. It would be amazing to see some of my very talented friends get published. Opportunities like this can’t be missed. And as a reader, I can’t wait to see what people come up with. Such a cool project with a very cool subject.

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  1. CHWolf says:

    Hey, by the way – thanks for the help! Giant hairy Sasquatch thumbs-up to you.

  2. Fantastic! I can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now. The first art work (after the cover) is from my story Black Dawg. The art work is done by David T. Cabrera. The man’s awesome. Hope you all enjoy the antho and especially Black Dawg.

    - Ray


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