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Josh Howard Presents Sasquatch

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I found out the 256-page trade paperback “Josh Howard presents Sasquatch” was available from Viper Comics for only $1.99 (thank you Rue Morgue) and immediately jumped over there to purchase it. Not that I knew anything about the graphic novel, but who could turn down a deal like that. I mean Bigfoot is super cool. I don’t know if you know this about me but I wanted to be a cryptozooligist/parapsychologist when I grew up. This infatuation lasted all the way until the tenth grade when I found out that at the time, this was a self-proclaimed title and there was nowhere that I could go to school for it. But my obsession with all things strange has not waned in the years since then. It has merely taken a back-burner to my other many obsessions.

Sasqatch is a collection of short stories that feature Bigfoot as the main character. The idea came to Howard on the drive home from San Diego Comic Con back in 2006. It was late, they were tired and as most conversations, Howard and Pat Bussey ended up discussing how cool Bigfoot is and why something like this collection didn’t already exist. Not only did Viper head Jessie Garza immediately jump on board but Howard found out that there were tons of people out there that would jump at the chance to become involved because they liked the mythos surrounding Bigfoot. Like I said, he is super cool!

The tradepaperback is an incredibly diverse collection. It includes 28 stories created by 54 artist, writers and letterers. When I say diverse, I am not kidding. The medium ranges from black and white line work to watercolors to digital paintings. And the writing leans more towards humerous, but there is some political commentary and some amazingly poignant and sad storytelling as well.

You can look forward to more cute and funny than horror in this collection. It opens with a “Peeping Tom” Sasquatch and a discussin of the colors of a goth girl’s panties. A few highlights include the art of “Memoirs of a Bigfoot”. Not only is it incredibly detailed but this Jamie Hewlett-esque world almost seems a little too involved for a collection like this. Many props go to Robin and Lawrence Etherington.

“I Am Sasquatch” is an exception to the comedy drivel and is a surprise in it’s simplicity and weight thanks to Benjamin and Marlena Hall.

I am a big fan of David Hartman. It is very cool to see his story “Sawmill Horror” in here. He doesn’t seem to get to write all that often. His facial expressions are just out of this world and you can count on him to give us our first truly scary story. You will not be disappointed in the amount of blood as well.

There were a lot of people that were totally new to me which is also one of the great things about collections like this. I am now an instant fan of Otis Frampton. The stories also luckily seem to differ so much that it never starts to run together. That is always a problem for collections. The fake comic book covers throughout the book are a nice touch and I had quite a few moments that I laughed out loud (X Treme Bigfoot Fighter and A Yeti Tale).

At this price and quality, there is no way you could pass up picking this up. If not, what are you doing here? :)

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