Thursday, December 18th, 2014

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“This Darker Life”, An Immersive Theatre Experience in Atlanta

I am not quite sure when the climate around theatre seemed to make this shift towards immersive experiences. Obviously there ...
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PushPush, BrandCinema and POPfilms Produce Sneak Preview for GRFX Series

Atlanta, GA, April 24, 2014 - PushPush has wrapped photography on a sneak preview, promotional pilot for its new episodic series ...

MTGTM: Currently in Post Production

Hello all.  We have not fallen off the face of the planet.  We have a film that is 100% in the ...


You know who is awesomesauce?  Our donors!  We want to extend special thanks to Steven Zeck, Kristian Sekse, Erin Kyse, Jason ...
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Internet, I Think I Love You

More special thanks for support of our Kickstarter. Every dollar counts and with a budget of $8K, it means tons to ...

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes out to Odin (Yes Odin), Robert Melcic, Kal Hailperin, Melody Bliss, Brandon Bozzi, Mike 224, Zev Friedman, Tristan ...
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We Have Reached Our Goal!!

100% Funded!  Holy hell guys.  I am super emotional right this second.  And still stuck at work.  But man oh man.  ...

95% Funded

95% Funded!  Eghads!  You know who we think are the bee’s knees?  Well for starters…..Sam Wright, Peter Adkison, Fabian Groux, Nick ...

Hell yeah “Project of the Day”!

  Hell yeah “Project of the Day”!  I’m on the set of Necessary Roughness and don’t have my phone so man was ...

Kickstarter Project Of The Day

  Today is a super special day because we are Kickstarter’s Project of the Day.  Highlighting this morning’s donations that we owe ...

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